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Posted by on Apr 27, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Enjoying my Country Cottage

Wow…What a Get Away!

Being the owner of a Bucks County Carpet Store, I had the unique opportunity to take a trip to the UK country Village for Holiday.  I fell into this opportunity as I had installed flooring for a gentlemen who told me about his last trip, which was to the UK country Side. So I looked into the trip and booked for the family.


Well the family was a little less excited than I was to say the least! I thought this would be time well spent and that the family could spend quality time in the world. Once we got over the shock, the trip started. The family was packing all kinds of survival equipment like we were taking a trip to Guilligans island. LMAO!!! I was like slow down…they have amenities but we will not need to act like the apocalypse is coming. hey simmered down and we got to it.

The excitement was building and I couldn’t wait. We landed and took a ride to the cottage! What a quaint home with a straw rook and a stucco like exterior. A small stone fence and a ton of land with some woods. Great to see some people along the drive.  The family was hesitant but quickly got on board. Breathing the fresh air was outstanding.

I had run into the house and put all my gear away. I couldn’t wait to get outside and stroll the land. We found a long dirt trail, you know the kind that appears small and thin. Burned into the ground as if people have traveled the ground for centuries.  We walked along and we were taken by how far we actually moved away from the cottage.

I would recommend anyone to go to the Uk country and take this time to reinvent your family. The dynamics are wonderful and you will grow closer than you could have ever imagined.

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